What to Consider While Choosing an Electrician in Singapore

As a homeowner in Singapore, you have the right to pick the best electrician for your electrical work. But the problem is that, given the need for repairs and electricity maintenance at home, choosing the right technician for the job can be a bit overwhelming.

Therefore, whenever you hire a professional electrical contractor, you must ensure they are qualified, insured, and certified for electrical services and repairs in your home.

The point is that you can’t determine the competence of an electrician just by talking on the phone.

This quick guide will help you with that and provide tips on choosing the right electrician for your needs. Asking the right questions and gathering sufficient information will help establish a trusting relationship with the chosen electrician. Understand all crucial details to avoid any unexpected issues.

Take your time, use a methodical approach, and we are sure it will be worthwhile in the end!

10 Crucial Points to Keep in Mind

It’s important to recognise that hiring a licenced electrician is serious. The reason is simple: safety, which should be the top priority for both your family and your business.

Therefore, we’ve listed some of the most important factors when hiring an electrician for your home or commercial property in Singapore.

1.    Know What Your Project Demands

The first and most important thing you need to do before you search for an electrician is to have a clear understanding of your project requirements. Identify the specific services you need. Be it electrical installations, repairs, or solar services.

Create a concise checklist outlining your project’s needs.


Being well-prepared in advance will enable you to communicate and explain your electrical project to the contractor effectively.

Another crucial aspect that is advised is budgeting based on your project demands. You should know that choosing a specialist to do electrical work will come with costs, and contacting them without a clear budget in mind isn’t a good approach.

Hence, it is advised that you determine your budget beforehand and then focus on considering companies that align with your financial plan. Knowing how much you’re willing to spend ensures a more informed decision-making process.

2.    Evaluate Qualifications, Insurance, and Licensing

The next thing you’ve got to do is ensure that you find a qualified and legitimate electrician.

But how will you find the right electrician for the job?

Firstly, you’ll search to find the available electricians and then request their qualification documents to confirm their knowledge and competence in their services. A proficient electrician will have all the necessary expertise to deliver quality client services.

You’ll also need to verify their insurance, certification, and licensing. In Singapore, electricians may be certified by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) or the relevant state authority. So do check, and then look for specific degrees in electrical work, such as an electrical engineering degree or a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

Once you’ve done that, you must also check their insurance coverage and licensing. Insurance is essential to safeguarding yourself and your property in case of accidents.

A valid licence is an extra advantage, as it means that the electrician is qualified to provide services to the public.

However, do note that some skilled electricians may lack official licences but have the necessary skills and expertise to handle electrical work.

So consider their qualifications to ensure quality work, even if formal licensing is not there.

3.    Seek Recommendations

Seeking references from family, friends, and other homeowners with past experiences is also important when hiring an electrician. Why? Because this would allow you to gather all the necessary details about the quality of the services. And with references being either positive or negative.

You can also check out online reviews. In today’s day and age, websites and social media platforms are the best way to check reviews, ratings, and comments based on the experiences of previous clients.

Positive feedback means a higher rating and a favourable profile for the electrician, and vice versa. You can make informed decisions once you check out various resources.

So, select an electrician with positive ratings and comments. Once you’ve done that, it is more likely that they will meet your expectations based on the feedback from satisfied clients.

4.    Requesting For Price Estimates

Before you decide to choose the right technician, it is also wise to have at least three quotes to ensure fair pricing and avoid potential overcharges. Do not initiate any electrical work in your home without first obtaining and agreeing to a quote.

This would help prevent exploitation by crooked electricians who may attempt to scam or overcharge unsuspecting homeowners. When seeking a quote, provide precise details to ensure the electrician understands the scope of the work.

You can specify the type of fittings and materials you prefer for the installation or repair. However, it’s crucial not to select an electrical contractor solely based on the price they offer. Considering other factors is important to prevent potential frustrations, as a contractor offering lower prices doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality services or being the best choice.

5.    Project Duration

Remember that reliable electricians in Singapore will also provide the expected timeline for completing the work. This information is highly crucial especially when homeowners have other commitments or need to plan around the installation or repairs.

Another reason this is important is for safety. Homeowners might need to leave their homes temporarily during electrical repairs or maintenance. A clear timeline allows them to manage their budget and plan when they can return home. This ensures transparency and helps both parties coordinate efficiently.

6.    Know How of Local Regulations

When choosing a specialist to do electrical work on your property, it’s important to find one who understands and complies with local codes and regulations. You must ensure they are well-versed in the specific requirements outlined by your local authorities.

Different areas in Singapore have unique codes that require certain certifications or electronic identification tags for electrical workers.

As mentioned before, a good electrician will give you a clear estimate, stating how long the work will take and the costs involved. It’s important to double-check these estimates with your insurance company and local authorities to ensure they are accurate.

This precautionary step helps prevent any unforeseen additional costs or penalties in the event of unexpected issues during the project.

7.    Communication and Affordability

It is clear that you’d be drawn towards choosing an electrician for a cheaper price, but you have to look beyond this. Investing a bit more upfront can save you from potential delays and unexpected costs down the road. Electrical work often comes with its own set of challenges. Maintaining a clean work environment is fundamental for any home improvement or repair job.

While cost is a factor, do not overlook the value of additional services reputed electricians offer. Many skilled professionals provide services like device installations (ceiling fans and air conditioning units) at reasonable rates.

So hire an electrician who will fit your budget, be communicative, and keep you informed about the project’s progress.

A friendly and approachable electrician makes the entire process more comfortable and enjoyable. Prioritise a good working relationship to ensure peace of mind while someone works on your property.

8.    Inquire About Their Work Assurance

When talking to a contractor, it’s a good idea to ask about the guarantee they provide for their work. A reliable contractor is the one who guarantees their work. This shows that they are committed to delivering quality services. This is beneficial for you because it means you won’t have to spend extra money to fix any issues arising from their services.

Many contractors are motivated to provide top-notch services to maintain a good reputation and avoid having to redo the work without getting paid in the future.

9.    Swift Solutions for Emergencies and Quick Repairs

When facing emergencies like power failures or blackouts, it’s essential to have an electrician who can quickly and effectively fix the issue. Reliable electrical service providers often extend emergency services to restore your electrical system promptly. They’ll also provide quick repair services to address any power trips you might encounter.

So make sure you choose an electrician that offers immediate solutions and dependable emergency response for your peace of mind during unforeseen situations.

10.  Hidden Charges

Electrical needs change, and an electrician may need to conduct an on-site assessment to provide an accurate solution. Check whether the company you’re considering offers a free diagnosis or charges a one-time survey or transport fee.

Some dishonest electricians may attempt to overcharge for simple tasks, aiming to make a quick profit. To shield yourself from these expenses, seeking transparency in fees is essential. Clear pricing prevents unwelcome surprises and assures you of the exact upfront cost before any work begins.

Now that we’re aware of the possibility of hidden charges, let’s take a look at approximate price estimates for common electrical services, outlining the expected costs for each.

If you need to replace a light bulb, light fitting, or light switch, you can anticipate a cost ranging from SGD45 to SGD75. For installing a light or lighting point, the expected expense falls within the range of SGD50 to SGD65.

It’s essential to remember these rough estimates when budgeting for electrical services, as they give a general idea of what you might expect to pay for different tasks.

Types of Electrical Contractors in Singapore

When choosing a specialist to do electrical work, it’s also very important to understand the type of professional you need for your specific service.

Explore some of the electrical contractors that are available in Singapore below:

  1. Home Electrical Contractor

These experts specialise in fixing and setting up home electronics such as TVs, radios, and DVD players. They excel in residential projects and offer personalised solutions to their clients.

  1. Commercial Electrical Contractor

They work in commercial settings and handle tasks like wiring restaurants or businesses. They are pretty proficient in dealing with larger systems and handling complex spaces.

  1. Electrician

They connect various devices in both home and office settings with the power grid. How? By using a variety of tools and techniques.


Once you follow the above steps, we are sure you will choose the right technician for your electrical job. Following this guide ensures the best results in terms of both quality and safety. And it will surely give you peace of mind that the electrical task is handled properly.

Choosing a Singaporean electrician is a valuable investment for any electrical project. Although thorough research and effective communication are crucial for confidence and peace of mind, they will ensure that your project receives the attention it deserves.

Therefore, choosing a Singaporean electrician is a crucial and attentive choice that demands careful consideration.

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